Monday, 30 April 2007

Cards to send today

Thanks, everyone, who's visited and left encouraging comments.

I've been back to the GP about the osteoporosis and am waiting now for a date for a bone density scan to see how bad things are. I've agreed to try the weekly tablet instead of daily (GP thinks the effects on digestion will be no worse). And the GP has given me stronger pain relief (reluctantly I've agreed - was already on fairly strong ones).

Anyway, enough of me! I've managed over the last few days to finish off my ATCs for the swap on CBC, with the theme of 'gentle giant'. I can't show them here because I forgot to scan them and anyway, we usually wait for them to be revealed after Wendy's got them all in and ready to send out.

Over at Tanda Stamps forum there has been an April ATC paisley swap. I hadn't signed up because at the moment it's hard to know whether I'd be able to meet deadlines, but I've been playing around with various paisley patterns and finished off two ATCs this morning and have got them in the post. I think I can show these here because I know that someone else on Tanda has put hers on her blog.

The scans don't look as good as irl, but I'm quite pleased with them. I used a mixture of alcohol inks: butterscotch, stream and wild plum, with just a hint of pearl dabbed on afterwards. I then ran the card through the big shot, using the paisley embossing plate and then swiped Stazon black over so it picked up on the raised embossed surface. Then I just added the organza ribbon, label and brads.

Sadly today I needed to send two sympathy cards, so these are two very simple ones:

I just used some papermania embossed stickers - it looks as if they're mounted on black, but it's in fact a matt silver with a bit of a sheen.

On a happier note, we heard yesterday of the birth of a baby boy, so I sent this card today (it was already made, so no big effort):

I also sent a silver wedding anniversary card (already made):

The tag background is actually silver, not blue as it looks on the scan.

And finally, I sent one of my square shirt cards for a friend's birthday tomorrow.

Today has been a really new experience for me. Because of my back trouble I haven't been able to give the kitchen and bathroom a really good clean, so we had two lovely ladies in today to do everything, including cleaning two ovens! I've been increasingly finding housework very difficult, so it looks as if we might have some cleaning done on a regular basis.

It seems that I need to get adjusted to a bit of a new phase of life.

By the way, I've been asked about my picture in Hello magazine - when I've got the time and energy (and John's help with boxes) I'll dig out pictures and scan. John and I were in most of the national dailies, the Sunday papers, Hello, OK, Country Life and a few other publications - and we were on TV at the time. That's got you guessing!

Friday, 27 April 2007

Variation on a theme

I made this new home card last night (finished off with the prima today). It's just a variation on the theme of the template of CAC002 on CBC, using one of the lovely Vanessa Arbuthnott papers from The English Paper Company.

I haven't felt too good today, so nothing much else to say, except boring stuff which shouldn't spoil this space!

I've been tagged ...

... by Jukie (

(My first time of being tagged!)

Apparently you have to do seven fact/habits about yourself then tag another seven ( I am sorry but I am only doing what I am told to do!)

So here we go:

1. When I was younger I had driving lessons, but didn't take my test because I was afraid of passing!

2. I had my photo in Hello magazine.

3. I never iron until it's absolutely necessary (I used to love ironing when I was young, but the novelty wore off!)

4. I've lived in eleven different homes.

5. I hate hospitals and doctors, but I love watching Casualty and Holby City.

6. I've been to twenty different countries, but nowhere in the last two years (I think my travelling days might well be over).

7. I've sung a solo in the Royal Albert Hall.

So now I need to tag seven other people - Carol, Carolyn, Bex, Adele, Saffa, Debbie and Rosie - consider yourself tagged!!

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

A feeble effort ...

... is better than nothing.

On CBC there is a challenge to create a card from a template (or should I say 'SWOT' - Sue W Original Template).

As you know, life is pretty difficult at the mo, but I sat in my armchair last night and started these simple cards and have finished them off today.

Sorry that the scans are terrible - must get my digital camera out some time soon and practise taking photos of my cards (couldn't be worse results than the scans). The scanner doesn't like anything that's raises, like buttons.

Thank you for all the kind, encouraging comments left over the past week or two.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Gosh, it's over a week since I blogged!

Oh gosh - what a week!! By the weekend the pain in my back was a little easier and at least I was able to get out to church Sunday morning. On Monday I was told that the GP wanted to see me because he'd got the xray results back and when I visited on Tuesday morning he gave me the news that I've got osteoporosis and have a fractured vertebra.

This means that I have to make a few changes in life, particularly my commitments within the church leadership - not an easy decision, but a sensible conclusion.

I know that this is a crafting blog, but I just felt that I wanted to say something to explain my absence and I apologise to any reading this who already know all this (not that I'm expecting many people to be reading it!)

I started medication this morning for the osteoporosis, which is a bit of a morning regime that I'm sure I'll get used to and take in my stride in time.

Thank you to all those who are supporting me in so many ways - you know who you are.

As for crafting, it's good to still have an outlet for creativity and I'm developing ways of doing things that will put as little strain on my back as possible. My mum (bless her) has said she'll buy me a proper crafting laptray (I've seen one on the Lakeland site that I'm going to order) to replace the smaller ordinary one that I've got.

Today John was out for a while, so he got some boxes out for me and put little tables around my armchair (oh how I love my Stressless armchair - one of the best decisions we made years ago to buy a Stressless settee and chairs) and the theory was that I would spend the time sorting some of my boxes of offcuts into various colours etc to get a bit more organised. Well I have to confess that I haven't got very far with that!

So, sorry for all the waffle - and no pictures to show you (although in the past week or two I've done a few cards, but nothing special enough to show).

I now have the next CBC CJ to work on - the subject is 'music that moves me' and the standard of what's been done in the journal so far is so high that I really don't know what I'm going to do.

I signed up for the ATC swap on CBC which this month is 'gentle giraffe' - I have an idea of what I'm going to do, but still got plenty of time yet.

One of the things I'm really having to watch with my back is my time at the computer. This has always been a problem because of the top of my back hurting, but now that I know that I have a fracture I really have got to take care. So if anyone sees me spending too long on one of the crafty forums - boot me off!!! - gently, of course, 'cause I don't want any more broken bones!

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Herds of good wishes

Well, actually, three elephants' worth!!

I needed to make a card this evening for our daughter-in-law's birthday. There's a challenge on CBC at the moment to use the same rubber stamp three times on a card.

So I decided to use a rubbadubbadoo elephant stamp using a post-it note masking technique (she loves elephants!). I stamped the elephants on acetate and then mounted with brads on to a silvery grey pearl card (which doesn't show up too well on the scan), which was then mounted on to a pale lilac card.

Armchair crafting

My back is still very poorly, so I'm really limited at the moment. Just about managing to get from chair to chair, although, thankfully, yesterday was a better day and so far today isn't too bad.

Anyway, to save me from utter boredom and daytime telly, John helped me get a couple of little tables by my armchair and an array of my crafting boxes. I sat with a laptray and made some cards - quite interesting trying to use only what was to hand (with a few cries to John saying 'Help - I need ...'). I've actually used up quite a few bits and pieces that were hanging around and also done some batches of cards using papers and embellies that I got with 'Let's Make Cards'.

I need to make a card for our daughter-in-law, whose birthday is on Friday. She loves elephants, so I've got out an elephant stamp, but haven't got any further. It's 'sort of' in my head, but isn't yet translating into an actual card.

I also need to do my dlo in the next cj for the CBC group - this is due to be posted next Monday and I don't want (as usual!) to leave it to the last minute, so I might try today to gather everything I need and sit in my armchair and create (with my heatpad on my back - a marvellous present bought by a friend long ago).

This morning I received my inchies swaps from UKStampers - they are great. I only joined recently and so this was the first swap I'd taken part in - very enjoyable.

And my atcs from CBC should be winging their way here soon - I'm looking forward to seeing which ones I get - have looked in the gallery and love them all. I wasn't pleased with my efforts for fabulous foliage - I wrongly kept adding embossing powder - I should have let them be at an earlier stage - nevermind!

I'm trying to decide whether to sign up for the UKS 4 x 4 swap and also the regular atc one on CBC - gentle giraffes. I'm just conscious that at the moment I'm finding it difficult to do anything much, but on the other hand I think a little bit of crafting is good for my sanity! (well, I'm still quite mad really, but I don't think that will ever change!)

Thursday, 5 April 2007

No activity

It's not that I'm becoming a bad blogger, it's just that my crafty activity has been very little in the last few days, because of the trouble with my back.

I managed to do a necessary card today, but it was literally one of those 'stick ready-made embellies on' jobs.

I'm hoping things will improve and I'll be able to get back to creativity once more (although I'll probably have to catch up with other things first).

Hope to have something more worthwhile to say soon.