Monday, 19 March 2007

Sad times

This is nothing to do with crafting, but have heard this evening that a dear friend has passed away, having been ill with cancer. There is much comfort in knowing that she had a strong Christian faith and that her suffering has now ended. Her husband and family are much in my thoughts and prayers.

Ohhhh - what a fiasco!!!!

Having spent quite a lot of time today on the church magazine (and a few other bits and pieces) I decided I would reward myself with a little bit of crafty time.

At the beginning of the year, I bought a melting pot (seemed a really good idea at the time) - and until today I hadn't used it. So I decided to cut some mountboard letters ready for the front of my CJ for CBC and then dip them in UTEE melted in the pot.

I followed the instructions (that makes a change - I usually more or less ignore them!) - and the experience was a total disaster! Having made a mess of the letters I thought it would be easier to dip a big flower (cut out of mountboard from a sizzix die) - well, all I can say is that it has gone in the bin along with the letters.

I'm now left with a guey mess, not only in the melting pot, but also on the tongs and spoon (special ones - what a laugh) that won't peel off even though it's now cold on those.

I've wasted so much UTEE (not to mention time) and achieved nothing but a mess!

Anyone want to buy a melting pot? (I think in future I'll stick to using a biscuit tin and a heat gun, as demonstrated by the wonderful Sue at Hitchin.)