Wednesday, 6 June 2007

A quick blog to show the inchies I made and sent to Jo (Paperlily) for the swap on Just Bex. Her dear Asti had to be put to sleep recently so Jo said she would like some inchies spelling out Asti's name. As Jo had quoted the Rainbow Bridge poem, I thought the picture would be nice and included Asti with the other dogs.

I'll come back and blog again later, but I haven't done any crafting to speak of for quite a few days. In readiness for our spare room being fitted at the end of this month, we've being having a 'turn out' and getting stuff ready to be collected by a charity shop. In fact, someone has phoned this morning to say that it will be picked up on Friday morning, so we now need to make sure we have everything ready for then. We already have two case loads of books and videos and a fair number of bags of other items. Neither of us are hoarders (used to be, but have learned over the years to streamline things) but it's still amazing how much stuff there is.