Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Another card

This is the other card that I was asked to make - for someone who is keen on the theatre and amateur dramatics. The 'curtain' is decoupaged, printed on to velvet paper and the beige background is also velvet paper (I knew I'd find a use for it one day!).

I can now show my scrapbook LO for the chinese whisper on Carolyn's:

I was the last one in the group. The template had started off like this:

If you'd like to see the progression from the template to my LO, please have a look here:

This morning was one of those times when I couldn't really get on with anything - had the workmen in to finish off the fitments in the spare room and also others in to fit new bathroom carpet, so a lot of 'coming and going'.

This afternoon I've been working on two cards requested by a friend. The first one is for her grandson who is mad keen on Roary, the racing car:

Although this is a very simple card it took quite a while because I had to adapt the only picture of Roary I could use that had other bits on it I didn't want, so had to edit in Paint.

And the next one is for my friend to give to a mutual friend who is a great Cliff Richard fan:

I've just realised that this would qualify (I think!) for the DCM extra: 'We've another Retro challenge for this week's Little Extra.This time we'd like you to find your inspiration in the 1960s.'

As usual, the photos aren't very good. Irl the 'record label' for Cliff's Congratulations shows up a lot better. It's mounted on a CD to give more depth.

I have one more to do for her, which is for her son's father-in-law who is keen on the theatre and amateur dramatics, so I know I'm going to use a stage curtain design, but haven't got that far yet - watch this space!