Saturday, 28 July 2007

Mickey and Minnie

Quite a while ago I bought a Disney kit from QVC that included lots of papers and also the rubber stamps for Mickey and Minnie. I've used some before for various challenges, but these now are for a rubber stamp Get Spotted challenge on Carolyn's to use spots or dots on a card:

And these are two simple new home cards (need to send one to a friend who's moved and could also do with boosting stocks). They are for Sue's CAC 007 'Home is where the heart is' challenge on Carolyn's:

Sorry that the card on the second one is white, so you can't properly see the edges!

A couple more cards

Doing the JB challenges is a good way of building up a stock of cards (hoping I'll be able to have an 'at home sale' in September to raise money for TEAR Fund - will depend on how I am and how prepared I can be).

Back to today: this card is for the chocachino challenge (apparently a drink available at Thornton's - I wouldn't know about such wicked things!) using the colours:
And the next one was a cardlift challenge. Here is the original example:

And here is mine:

The actual card is green (doesn't show too well in this light, as is the Birthday greeting) - don't often use green much for cardmaking (don't know why not), so it makes a change.

Trying to forget how I feel

Having had a 'not so good' day yesterday, I can't say I'm feeling much better today, but am doing some crafting to try and take my mind off the pain in my back. But, hey ho, no moaning, so on with the crafty outlook.

These are for the the JB July challenge 11 It's a match. We were asked to make a card/LO using these colours:

So here are two cards (which I admit were very quick makes because they were using bits from a kit by Lisa Bearnson purchased some time ago from QVC):

The LO took much longer - I actually started it the other day and gave up, so I came back to it this morning - I needed to print out the photos and generally finish off. My Grandad and Nan's wedding photo (15 February 1921) is in the middle and the other photos are of their sons' and daughters' wedding (although there were two that got missed off because they didn't fit the LO!):

The next LO is for the July challenge 18: the big picture (using just one large photo). The photo isn't very good (light is quite poor atm), but the top says 'mother' and the bottom says 'sweet daughter':