Friday, 8 June 2007

Swap cards received

These are the cards I've received in the monthly swap on Carolyn's organised by Melissa.

From Net:

From Alba-Jane:

From Janet (JAN1951):

And from SueF:

All lovely cards and thanks to Melissa for organising.

I haven't done any crafting this week. In preparation for moving my craft stuff out of our spare room for it to be fitted out during the last week of this month, we've been sorting out stuff for the charity shop to give us more room in other parts of our smallish maisonette to house everything. Neither of us are hoarders (we both used to be, but over the years have had to be more ruthless in deciding what we keep and don't), but it's amazing the amount of goods that we have just had collected to be taken to a local Cancer Research shop. We are so grateful that arrangements were made for someone to come by van to pick everything up - we just couldn't have coped with getting it there without transport. Disappointingly, John, because of his lack of vision, got up quickly from his chair last night to answer the phone, forgot that there were cases and bags of stuff ready for the charity collection and fell awkwardly on top of them - he now has bruised ribs.

I'm hoping that later today/this evening I'll be able to do some crafting and take part in some of the challenges on Carolyn's and Just Bex that I've been itching to get on with.