Monday, 20 August 2007

My birthday

Mum wrote in my card: 'Where have the years gone to?' 60 today! (That reminds me, I must update the bit I wrote about myself at the top of the blog.)

We were very undecided what to do today and had nothing booked because we just didn't know how we were going to feel on the day. Having decided last evening that we would go to Tunbridge Wells today, we got up and started to get ready, only to be greeted by rain. In the end we decided it wasn't a very good idea, particularly as my back is really painful. On Saturday my main laptop had died (it's been playing up for ages and John's been suggesting I should have a new one). So I've been researching for a while and picked out one I really liked - we went into the Sony shop in Bromley and they had that model in stock, so we bought it. We then came back home and had a taxi to a nearby Harvester restaurant where we had a leisurely lunch (forgot the calories today). As the restaurant is near to where mum lives we called in to see her - which was a complete surprise for her because she thought we'd probably gone out for the day. She was meant to be coming out to lunch yesterday with us as an early celebration but she's got a poorly leg and was unable to come with us.

On the way back home we had to change buses - it just happened to be by a shop in Orpington that sells craft stuff, so I bought a glue gun and a rubber stamp. When I got home my pda order had arrived - just routine cardstock etc.

John bought me a beautiful 'egg' pendant and a bracelet as well.

I know this is 'my crafty outlook' and I usually confine the blog to craft, but just for today I think I'm permitted to chat about my day.

I had lots of cards (including gorgeous ones from forum friends) - I'm going to take photos of them and perhaps try and make a slide show to put on here - won't be today though!) and some lovely presents, including some money that I'm itching to spend!