Sunday, 28 October 2007

HS:MS SPS 10 and SOS 10

Yesterday was HS:MS SPS day (again!): 'Lets see how gorgeous you are this week, my freinds'

Well, this is a cheat because I didn't take a photo yesterday (just didn't feel up to it for various reasons).

Today we've been out to lunch. It would have been dad's birthday tomorrow and so the plan was to go to the local Beefeater with mum, but, unfortunately, she just wasn't well enough to join us. In many ways we didn't feel like going, but in the end we did have a good meal and were glad that we went.

Here's a picture John took of me (which I've 'played around' with different effects):

And here he is:

And Josey behaving herself under the table (guide dogs should be neither seen nor heard!):

And lastly the half-eaten dessert that I shouldn't have had: