Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Crafting in miniature

As this is definitely about the crafty side of life I won't bore you with the other things that are happening that take priority over crafting (what a shame, I hear you cry!)

Last night (late) I decided that I should try and finish the inchies I started ages ago when I first became poorly. I'd only really got as far as background and cutting up into the inch squares. I had done one or two bits of stamping, but nothing much.

I've more or less finished them, but trying to decide whether to heat emboss over the top - perhaps using some holographic embossing powder - I can't decide - or perhaps put some glossy accents on top.

Today I've done three spring ATCs for a swap, so that's something else to tick off the list.

I must get on with starting my new cj for CBC - my theme is 'What a day!' and I'm still trying to decide exactly which day to use (another decision - oh, so many of them!) But before I decide that I need to actually set up the journal, design the covers, the rules and the sign-in pages, so a lot to do!

I think though that all these crafty things will have to be on hold for a day or two while I get on with the other (unmentionable) priorities of life.

I also want to make some more cards to replenish some gaps left after my successful sale on Saturday - for instance, I haven't got any 'new home' cards now and I also need to make four commissioned cards.

Still, I'd rather be kept busy ... and it is fun!