Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Herds of good wishes

Well, actually, three elephants' worth!!

I needed to make a card this evening for our daughter-in-law's birthday. There's a challenge on CBC at the moment to use the same rubber stamp three times on a card.

So I decided to use a rubbadubbadoo elephant stamp using a post-it note masking technique (she loves elephants!). I stamped the elephants on acetate and then mounted with brads on to a silvery grey pearl card (which doesn't show up too well on the scan), which was then mounted on to a pale lilac card.

Armchair crafting

My back is still very poorly, so I'm really limited at the moment. Just about managing to get from chair to chair, although, thankfully, yesterday was a better day and so far today isn't too bad.

Anyway, to save me from utter boredom and daytime telly, John helped me get a couple of little tables by my armchair and an array of my crafting boxes. I sat with a laptray and made some cards - quite interesting trying to use only what was to hand (with a few cries to John saying 'Help - I need ...'). I've actually used up quite a few bits and pieces that were hanging around and also done some batches of cards using papers and embellies that I got with 'Let's Make Cards'.

I need to make a card for our daughter-in-law, whose birthday is on Friday. She loves elephants, so I've got out an elephant stamp, but haven't got any further. It's 'sort of' in my head, but isn't yet translating into an actual card.

I also need to do my dlo in the next cj for the CBC group - this is due to be posted next Monday and I don't want (as usual!) to leave it to the last minute, so I might try today to gather everything I need and sit in my armchair and create (with my heatpad on my back - a marvellous present bought by a friend long ago).

This morning I received my inchies swaps from UKStampers - they are great. I only joined recently and so this was the first swap I'd taken part in - very enjoyable.

And my atcs from CBC should be winging their way here soon - I'm looking forward to seeing which ones I get - have looked in the gallery and love them all. I wasn't pleased with my efforts for fabulous foliage - I wrongly kept adding embossing powder - I should have let them be at an earlier stage - nevermind!

I'm trying to decide whether to sign up for the UKS 4 x 4 swap and also the regular atc one on CBC - gentle giraffes. I'm just conscious that at the moment I'm finding it difficult to do anything much, but on the other hand I think a little bit of crafting is good for my sanity! (well, I'm still quite mad really, but I don't think that will ever change!)