Friday, 23 March 2007

Very little crafting time

I'm still beavering away with the church magazine - it's got to be finished this evening - ohhhhh!!!

On Wednesday I managed to do my card for the chinese whispers swap on CBC - I can't show you, because the idea is that you email it to the next person on the list, who copies it and then emails and so on until the last person gets theirs and then everyone can compare how it started out and how it finished up. I was given a specific template to use - and I really enjoyed doing it.

I had a delivery of some lovely English Paper Company papers yesterday and K-ology Scrap Pads to Go (and a few other bits) - I'm itching to use them, but must control the crafting urge!! And I'm expecting another crafty parcel to be delivered tomorrow (I hope Royal Mail delivers - I need some of the contents for my cj). I've done a little preparation for my CBC cj, but most of it will be done tomorrow (perhaps the fairy godmother will come and do the housework!).