Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Ever felt like giving up?

Well, when I went to bed last night that's how I felt. I felt as if I might give up crafting. I have to post Net's Just Bex CJ today and, although I had the idea and had done the trees on the robo (thanks to ErikaP on UKScrappers for the template), I hadn't actually done the DLO (confession!) and it needs to go in the post.

I've worked on it this morning and I must say that the ideas came together in the end and I am quite pleased with what's been achieved, so perhaps I'm not going to give up this crafting lark after all!

Net's theme for the CJ was 'If I ruled the world ...' (not in the heavy sense of sorting out world peace etc, but in a 'crafty' sense). This is what I came up with:

The cloud paper is velvet which gives a lovely contrast with the textured paper used for the grass.

Paper 'n' Lace CJ

Here are some slightly better pictures of the CJ DLO I did yesterday:

HS:MS thoughtful

Absorbed in or involving thought. Show us 'thoughtful' in your space today. * a tricky one to challenge you and make you 'think' ;)

I make no apologies that it's Josey again! I sometimes wonder what she's thinking (or whether she's thinking at all!):