Friday, 10 August 2007

Lovely lunch

We enjoyed a lovely lunch together.

Following on the story of the ducks, Sue said: 'sorry HAVE to ask how often do you turn one round !!!:)'

This is where the romance gets tinged with reality!! As John is visually impaired he doesn't really notice the ducks that much - I don't think he's ever turned them round (although he does know they're there)! I'm sure there have been many times when he should have done! As for me, on the odd occasion that I have turned them round, he's failed to notice anyway! The idea of them is really so that the other person sees and gets the message that the other is not happy, but in reality this is wasted on us.

But the truth is that we don't often fall out, but like all couples we have our moments.

HS:MS Double

HS:MS 'Two of the same thing. Find couble in your space today.'

Early on in our marriage we heard a tale about the two ducks. If there is harmony between husband and wife the ducks face one another. If one of the partnership falls out then he or she turns one duck round to face the other way. When he heard the tale my dad bought us two ducks and they happily sit on our bathroom windowsill facing one another.

This seems very appropriate for today because we are just getting ready to go out for lunch to celebrate the first date we had together 17 years ago - at the same restaurant - ahhhh!!