Friday, 18 May 2007

Some crafting at last

It doesn't seem three days since I blogged - how time flies, even if you don't seem to be doing or achieving very much.

I managed last night (finished off this morning) to do the DLO on Nicky's CJ in Carolyn's group - I really enjoyed doing it - there is some secret journalling on it, but I'm not revealing it because the CJ isn't being returned yet.

I did the next card for a card package swap on Bubbly Funk Forum, from the lovely bits that Karen sent me - I enjoyed doing this card. I also made my card and sent the bits off to Ann, but I can't show my card until Ann has done hers. The idea is to use the same bits and see how the cards differ (or not).

The next three cards are being submitted to the 'Think Pink' challenge on Just Bex (I hope they qualify).

The scan on the next one makes it look like a blue surround, but it is actually a silvery white.

I've also finished off my four cards for the monthly swap that Melissa is hosting on Carolyn's - and the theme is 'pink' (and they are four different cards from the above - but I don't think I can show them yet).