Friday, 9 March 2007

Is it really this time already?

I've made quite a lot of men's cards this evening because I realised that I hadn't really got many at all in my stock, only a few with a football theme. Because I did my stepson's card this evening, I had all the 'It's a Guy Thing' stuff out so it wasn't too much trouble to make a few with the materials. I also did a few fishing ones.

I think I'm going to have to call a halt now and do a last stock take to see just how many cards I've got ready.

I expect someone tomorrow will ask for something I haven't got!

Oh well, it's all in a good cause - I hope I can raise a fair amount for TEAR Fund

A quick break

Just having a quick break while getting ready for my sale day tomorrow. Did lots of other things this morning, including the dreaded housework, but this afternoon was mainly cardmaking - putting inserts in half-made cards that had been left (because inserts, labelling and bagging is the boring bit!) I've made quite a few more Easter and Mother's Day cards.

The strange thing is that I've got boxes of cards, but have still had to just sit and make a 'special' one for my stepson who's birthday is on Monday - so must get the card in the post in the morning. Actually, I'm quite pleased with it - I used some 'It's a Guy Thing' papers and embellishments.

I must get off here and crack on with getting ready for tomorrow.