Saturday, 25 August 2007

Christmas cards

I decided today that I ought to seriously get down to making Christmas cards ready for the sale I'm hoping to have at the end of September. I do this to raise money for TEAR Fund - I give a percentage of the money taken. I usually do well and raise quite a bit of money.

However, I've found that people don't want to pay too much for Christmas cards even if it's in a good cause (I don't blame them when you can get packs cheap in the shops). I therefore make some 'special' individual ones that are higher priced, but have found over the last couple of years that it's best to sell packs of 5 at a realistically low price. To make these cost effective (and I actually lose on these - but consider it part of my giving to TEAR Fund) I keep them quite simple - less is more kind of style.

So today I've almost completed 100 of these cards. One day a while ago I'd already cut out some base mats, so it was a question of sticking them on the card blanks and adding an embellishment. They've all got inserts in with a greeting (ready done from PDA - cuts down on the work, but is still quite tedious sticking in).

Last year I made a lot of packs of A6 cards, but also cut white card to make cards about 120 x 120 mm. Because of my health problems I knew that it would be wiser this year to get ready cut so I got some brilliant white card blanks 120 x 120 mm from PDA and the quality is superb.

Although the cards I've made today are simple, they have an air of quality about them because the card blanks are so good - I'm pleased with them.

Decoupage cards

Well, here they are. I took the photos first thing this morning, thinking there was enough light as the sun is out but it hasn't really reached in here yet. I took the flash off because I didn't want rebounded light, so I'm afraid even with trying to make balance adjustments, the white background is still looking decidedly blue - nevermind!

Build up of layers:

A closer look:

HS:MS Self Portrait Saturday

This weekend we are introducing two new features to HSMS, just to keep ou on your photograpgy toes! The first of these will be a new regular 'Self Portrait Saturday'. Take the opportunity once a week to practise your portrait skills and make a record of your changing self.

Well, I'm either totally mad or brave!! Having played along everyday for a while now with the HS:MS photo challenge, I was almost horrified to find today's prompt! For a start, I don't like having my photo taken by others, let alone by myself! And as my camera is relatively new I hadn't yet discovered how to use the self-timer - but actually it was very easy (so I've learned something this morning).

I've just realised that one of my earrings has come out - must go and look for it! The photo will have to do as it is - I'm not repeating the performance just for another earring!

As this is going to be a regularly Saturday task, it just adds to the trauma of the day!! It's the day when I take my once-weekly tablet for osteoporosis - 30 minutes before any food or drink (so no cup of tea first) and keep upright - this morning the sun is shining - yay!! - so walked around the garden.