Friday, 15 June 2007

Sue's Card Template 3

This is a card for Sue's Card Template 3 (boxes) on Just Bex.

Here I am again

Here I am again, with a card for a challenge on Just Bex: make a Father's Day card without the word 'father' or 'dad' on the front.

My dad died about three and a half years ago, so I don't now make Father's Day cards, but it was lovely to do this one as a tribute to my dad.

A bit of advice

If, like me, you sometimes feel as if you are getting nowhere very much with your crafting, then have a look back over what you've done. I've just been looking back at my earlier blog entries and it has helped me to realise what I can achieve. Not that I'm very talented in what I achieve, but just encouraged. I appreciate other blogs I visit, for the inspiration and talent that people possess - I wish I had a bit more of it, but, nevertheless, I enjoy what I do.

Getting back into the rhythm

One of mum's friends requested a card for her husband's birthday - she asked for it to incorporate a Bible. He is keen on gardening, so I thought a little bit of something floral wouldn't go amiss. I'm hoping she'll like it. The Bible is actually gold foil, but doesn't show up on the scan.

It's one of my niece's wedding anniversary today so the first card is from us and the second one from mum. My brother and sister-in-law are visiting mum today and we're meeting up with them for lunch at the local Beefeater. Then they are going on to stay with my niece, so they will take the cards with them (thank goodness, because I hadn't got organised enough to do them and post). The layer with purple hearts on the second card is acetate.

With all that's been going on in the last week or so, I suddenly realised this morning that I forgot someone's birthday on Saturday, so this is a quick one made with a fabric embellie from a strip from Poundland layered on to magic mesh: