Sunday, 6 May 2007

Circle Journal dlo

This fractured vertebra is a pain in the ... The last few days haven't been too good and last night was one of the worst. I managed to go out to church this morning, but feeling ... now!

I've finished the dlo on Jake's CJ on Carolyn's, which came to me from Paperlily. I'm not sure whether I should be showing this here or not (whether we're waiting for a big 'reveal', but I thought I'd sneak it in.) What had been done on the journal so far was quite elaborate, so I think my offering is quite understated, but nevermind. You can't tell from the picture, but I went over the mask with Glossy Accent, which looks quite good.

It took me ages to decide what music to focus on, but in the end I chose Phantom because both the story and the music itself is so moving. And it brings back very happy memories. At the end of December 1996 John celebrated his 60th birthday and I secretly booked a London hotel and tickets for Phantom.

The words on this page are some of the lyrics from the song 'All I ask of you'.

I'm now off to take more painkillers and hope that perhaps a bit later I can do a bit of armchair crafting to try and take my mind off how I feel.