Wednesday, 13 June 2007

A bit of crafting at last

The last week has been a very difficult, fraught one and so it's been a while since I've done any crafting. I needed to do my flower ATCs for the swap on Paper and lace that Net is organising, so have spent some time this afternoon doing these.

I'm not that happy with them, but at least they have got in the post in time to (hopefully) get to Net by the deadline, tomorrow.

I haven't taken part in any of the challenges on Carolyn's or Just Bex (I've had a list of them ready, but just not been able to get on with any of them).

I need to do my DLO in the CJ for Carolyn's forum, which must go in the post next Monday - I'll try not to leave it to the last minute.

Having done the ATCs this afternoon, my back is feeling awful (the last few days have been really painful again), but I think it's done me some good to do something creative.

Hopefully I'll be back before long to blog about some more crafty efforts.