Thursday, 18 October 2007

DCM midweek extra

Over on DCM, it says: 'here's our Little Extra for this week:"O Christmas Tree. O Christmas Tree" Want to guess what needs to be featured on your cards this week? Yes, we want to see lots and lots of Christmas Trees - that should help you get those stocks of cards looking a bit healthier.'

This is a bit of a cheat really, because these cards weren't made specially, but were recently done to add to my stock. Apart from the last one (which was robo'd) they were made using some of the never-ending Anna Griffin kit - admittedly easy to put together cards if you have a lot to make:

You make me smile award

This was so hard - there were sooooo many of you that I would have loved to put on the list - restricting to just ten was mega hard - it was almost like drawing names out of a hat. There are many, many more blogging friends who also qualify for this. Thank you to all who visit my blog and yes, you do make me smile.

Sue Nicholson

I am such a wally - I've come back to edit this - to say that you then need to nominate ten people to receive the award.

HS:MS green

'Next to Yellow in the rainbow is Green. Show us Green in your space.'

Although it's now autumn and there's definitely a nip in the air, despite the lovely sunshine this morning, there is still much green in the garden:

I couldn't resist having a wander round the garden to take shots of the variety of green. I think that green is definitely one of God's favourite colours, because he used it so much in creation - and there are countless varieties of shades of green. These are just a few examples (and apologies that there are so many - I just got carried away with the wonder of it all):