Thursday, 20 September 2007

Today's efforts

Thank you for all the kind comments I've received, particularly about the 'let it snow' robo card. All credit must go to Erika on UKScrappers who provides such wonderful templates. All I did was get to grips with learning how to manipulate the robo to cope with the various layers.

I've been using the robo again today and have adapted a couple of Erika's templates:

The template for the next four cards was provided on UKS by Lin (Eui22). Now that I look at them again, I'm not sure whether perhaps they should have something in the middle - a flower or something - or whether to leave them plain. The photos aren't good because I've had to take them with flash by artificial light and some of the papers used are irridescent:

The following cards have been adapted from Erika's templates:

I've had fun doing them, in between crying with back pain - but, thank goodness, painkillers are kicking in better now.

'Let it snow' card

I've been trying to work out how to do different layers on my craft robo (using different coloured cutting lines) and last night I had success, using a template kindly given by Erika on UKScrappers. The small snowflakes along the rounded edge were a bit of a pain, because the little bits had to be teased out, but they cut well, and I've learned now how to select and cut the various bits of a template:

HS:MS break

To seperate into pieces. Show us 'break' in your space today.

First thing this morning (before 8 o'clock, which is early for me) I was still in bed, although I was awake. I was aware that John had got up much earlier as he has an appointment at Guy's this morning and always takes a long while to get ready. Suddenly I heard a crash and I just knew what had happened! John is registered blind (has some residual sight in one eye). In our kitchen we have a table that can be let down to be flush with the wall. John had left an empty milk bottle on the table and then had released the flap and ... crash! (This is not the first time ... and probably won't be the last).

So I hopped out of bed to go and clear up the mess (there is no way he can clear it himself). When all the bits were safely gathered up I put my computer on and looked at the HS:MS word for today - break!!!! Huh!!! specially for me!!

So here are two of the larger pieces (the rest shattered into tiny bits):