Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Today's crafting

Having been to the doctor this morning and not feeling too good (won't dwell on it, but the back pain is ... so even stronger painkillers ... there could be other spinal fracturers) I went to our (fairly) local craft shop to pick up my Making Cards magazine. I needed a few 'essentials' - this is what I bought (not a good photo because the light atm is awful - raining):

I can't show everything I've done today, because one piece in particular is a surprise.

Last evening I started my cards for the August monthly swap on Carolyn's but couldn't get much enthusiasm for finishing them. So, today I came back to them and put the finishing touches. I think I can show one because Melissa (the organiser of the swap) has shown hers.

The brief this month is to make four cards all the same. The main stamp is a Magenta one (I love it - can look so different depending on the inking and background). I decided to stamp direct to 6 x 6 paper from Warm Tones Colossal Paper Inspirations by Papermania, using blazing red Stazon. The swirly stamp is one from a QVC TSV kit bought in June. Ribbon is from a pack of Anita's sticky ribbons and the gems are from a bargain Poundland pack.

The following card is a decoupage one made for a friend's birthday:

HS:MS Pasta

An Italian food made from dough. Find pasta in your space today.

This is emergency pasta (don't have it very often - much prefer fresh!):