Saturday, 30 June 2007


The room has been fitted - a couple of hitches, but nothing disastrous - someone will have to return at some point but it probably won't be this week.

Today (it's now Monday, but this will show as Saturday because the rest of it was saved in draft) we had someone come to measure up for carpet. We chose what we wanted - he phoned to order it and said it would be delivered tomorrow and fitted on Thursday!! It won't go with the room as it's now decorated, but I'll have to put up with that because the decorator can't do it till the autumn because he has so much outside work throughout the summer.

I'm already much appreciating the space of the worktop, which has enough depth to enable me to push my laptop back and have enough space in front of me to craft - and plenty of other space to spread out - I'm sure you other crafters will appreciate that we can never have too much space around us.

I spent most of Friday evening and Saturday doing some of the challenges on Just Bex (in fact I was silly because I should have listened to John when he said I was spending too long and my back would feel worse - and he was right).

I saved all the scans and photos of the challenges in draft (needed to put them on here so that I could host them for displaying on Just Bex forum). Because of the way blogger works they are in reverse order, but I'm not going through them now to change them. Also I would normally say which challenge each is for, but it would just take unnecessary time.

So here they all are:

More detail: