Friday, 30 March 2007

Not much happening on the crafting front

I haven't achieved much in the crafty way in the past few days - so many other things going on, including health challenges for us both.

But today I managed to get my ATCs done for the swap on CBC. They didn't really turn out as I'd hoped - I think I added and added too much - but nevermind, not every effort can be a masterpiece (not that any of mine are!).

I can't show them here (which is probably just as well) because they aren't revealed on CBC until the swap is finalised.

Yesterday I received Jo's fabulous CJ and am already keen to do my pages in it. Her theme is 'All that glitters' and she's done something a little different, which I love. I've picked out my background papers for my dlo, so that's a start. This time I'm really going to try to get it done before the deadline, so that it's not a 'last minute' job (although most of the time I seem to do better then).

My next crafty job must be to have a tidy up and a bit of a sort out (how often I say that!).

Monday, 26 March 2007

Circle Journal is in the post

I'm not sure how, but I managed to get the CBC cj finished and am quite pleased with the result. (No fairy godmother turned up to do the housework, so I think that must be next on the agenda - have been doing necessary church 'stuff' this evening).

So - here is the new cj, which is now in the (hopefully) safe hands of the postie, winging its way to the next person in the group. And I will receive someone else's tomorrow!!!

Journalling hidden in the envelopes above:

Friday, 23 March 2007

Very little crafting time

I'm still beavering away with the church magazine - it's got to be finished this evening - ohhhhh!!!

On Wednesday I managed to do my card for the chinese whispers swap on CBC - I can't show you, because the idea is that you email it to the next person on the list, who copies it and then emails and so on until the last person gets theirs and then everyone can compare how it started out and how it finished up. I was given a specific template to use - and I really enjoyed doing it.

I had a delivery of some lovely English Paper Company papers yesterday and K-ology Scrap Pads to Go (and a few other bits) - I'm itching to use them, but must control the crafting urge!! And I'm expecting another crafty parcel to be delivered tomorrow (I hope Royal Mail delivers - I need some of the contents for my cj). I've done a little preparation for my CBC cj, but most of it will be done tomorrow (perhaps the fairy godmother will come and do the housework!).

Monday, 19 March 2007

Sad times

This is nothing to do with crafting, but have heard this evening that a dear friend has passed away, having been ill with cancer. There is much comfort in knowing that she had a strong Christian faith and that her suffering has now ended. Her husband and family are much in my thoughts and prayers.

Ohhhh - what a fiasco!!!!

Having spent quite a lot of time today on the church magazine (and a few other bits and pieces) I decided I would reward myself with a little bit of crafty time.

At the beginning of the year, I bought a melting pot (seemed a really good idea at the time) - and until today I hadn't used it. So I decided to cut some mountboard letters ready for the front of my CJ for CBC and then dip them in UTEE melted in the pot.

I followed the instructions (that makes a change - I usually more or less ignore them!) - and the experience was a total disaster! Having made a mess of the letters I thought it would be easier to dip a big flower (cut out of mountboard from a sizzix die) - well, all I can say is that it has gone in the bin along with the letters.

I'm now left with a guey mess, not only in the melting pot, but also on the tongs and spoon (special ones - what a laugh) that won't peel off even though it's now cold on those.

I've wasted so much UTEE (not to mention time) and achieved nothing but a mess!

Anyone want to buy a melting pot? (I think in future I'll stick to using a biscuit tin and a heat gun, as demonstrated by the wonderful Sue at Hitchin.)

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Time flies

Well, on Thursday morning I managed to do a few cards to replenish gaps in the boxes at the local school - a couple of new home ones and also some more new baby cards (mainly because I like doing those). Yesterday I managed to get together two or three RAKs for people on CBC and ribbons for a swap on UKStampers.

I finished off a mother's day card (or should I say 'Mothering Sunday' card - that's what mum prefers, so that's what I put on it) at about 2.00 am this morning, when I couldn't sleep.

This evening I've managed to get done two commissioned Christening cards - a boy and a girl.

I've got a busy (non-crafting things) week coming up (mainly because it's the time to put together the church magazine) so crafting is going to have to take a further back seat than normal, but I'm sure I'll still find odd slots.

I need to seriously think about my CJ for CBC - the theme I chose is 'What a day!' and I still can't decide which day to pick - it could either be the kind of day that was special and happy, or one that was just the opposite. And, of course, I need to actually put together the cover, the rules, the sign-in pages etc - so that's a lot to do and it needs to go in the post on Monday 26 March.

Meanwhile I must do the 'chinese whispers' card for CBC - I am the first in my group, so have now got under a week to get it done - this must be a priority, because I want to do it sooner rather than later - not leave it till the last minute.

On Thursday afternoon I popped along to the (fairly) local craft shop to pick up my March copy of Making Cards and it so happened that they had just had delivery of the April copy, so I managed to get both at the same time (and a few other bits that I needed!). Yesterday I went to the new-ish Docrafts stockist (which is in the same sort of area as the other craft shop) and bought a few bits - really lovely lady who owns the shop and chats.

Things have really picked up locally - a stationers in Orpington now sells quite a range of craft items, so I paid a quick visit as I had to go into Orpington to get mum's flowers for mother's day.

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Just squeezing in a little crafting time ...

I've got 101 other things to do during the rest of the day (well, not quite 101, but it just feels like that!), but have just managed to squeeze a bit of time to finish my inchies. The background was done with a quite watery H2O blend. Most of the inchies have been stamped in some way and either Versamarked and embossed with clear or hologram powder.

I've really enjoyed doing these (more so today, because I could see the finished result emerging), but I'm not really sure that working with such a miniature size is my thing.

Not marvellous, but my first attempt. Now I must get back to some of the other 101 things ...

A thought: I'm wondering in future whether it would be better to photo items like this rather than scanning - the hologram effect is lost in the scan (but don't know whether it would be any better with a photo)

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Crafting in miniature

As this is definitely about the crafty side of life I won't bore you with the other things that are happening that take priority over crafting (what a shame, I hear you cry!)

Last night (late) I decided that I should try and finish the inchies I started ages ago when I first became poorly. I'd only really got as far as background and cutting up into the inch squares. I had done one or two bits of stamping, but nothing much.

I've more or less finished them, but trying to decide whether to heat emboss over the top - perhaps using some holographic embossing powder - I can't decide - or perhaps put some glossy accents on top.

Today I've done three spring ATCs for a swap, so that's something else to tick off the list.

I must get on with starting my new cj for CBC - my theme is 'What a day!' and I'm still trying to decide exactly which day to use (another decision - oh, so many of them!) But before I decide that I need to actually set up the journal, design the covers, the rules and the sign-in pages, so a lot to do!

I think though that all these crafty things will have to be on hold for a day or two while I get on with the other (unmentionable) priorities of life.

I also want to make some more cards to replenish some gaps left after my successful sale on Saturday - for instance, I haven't got any 'new home' cards now and I also need to make four commissioned cards.

Still, I'd rather be kept busy ... and it is fun!

Saturday, 10 March 2007

Successful day

I'm really grateful to everyone who came along today to buy cards, to help raise money for TEAR Fund.

It has been a tiring time, particularly the last day or two, but worth it.

Now all I have to do is sort and put things away in their right places (what a hoot!).

I then have some crafty tasks to get my head round. These include ATCs, Inchies, starting another circle journal and some cards that I've been asked for.

I think though that crafting will have to take a back seat for a day or two - I also have lots of other things to get done which are taking priority.

It's good to be feeling better and more able to get on with things, although feeling tired this evening and still feeling some pain in the back that I think is coming from the remnants of the pneumonia.

Friday, 9 March 2007

Is it really this time already?

I've made quite a lot of men's cards this evening because I realised that I hadn't really got many at all in my stock, only a few with a football theme. Because I did my stepson's card this evening, I had all the 'It's a Guy Thing' stuff out so it wasn't too much trouble to make a few with the materials. I also did a few fishing ones.

I think I'm going to have to call a halt now and do a last stock take to see just how many cards I've got ready.

I expect someone tomorrow will ask for something I haven't got!

Oh well, it's all in a good cause - I hope I can raise a fair amount for TEAR Fund

A quick break

Just having a quick break while getting ready for my sale day tomorrow. Did lots of other things this morning, including the dreaded housework, but this afternoon was mainly cardmaking - putting inserts in half-made cards that had been left (because inserts, labelling and bagging is the boring bit!) I've made quite a few more Easter and Mother's Day cards.

The strange thing is that I've got boxes of cards, but have still had to just sit and make a 'special' one for my stepson who's birthday is on Monday - so must get the card in the post in the morning. Actually, I'm quite pleased with it - I used some 'It's a Guy Thing' papers and embellishments.

I must get off here and crack on with getting ready for tomorrow.

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Oh gosh!!!

Wow - This evening I've been taking scans of my wonderful circle journal which is now back home - the group on CBC have been fantastic - it is so special and I'll treasure it.
This is the first time I've added piccies to this blog and I wasn't sure how to do it, but seem to have managed it. I couldn't get the pictures to go within the text where I wanted them, so I've settled for where they are!

For the last couple of days, I've been trying to get lots of various things done and have also had visits to make etc.

I managed this afternoon to take a stock take of my cards ready for Saturday and will try and spend as much time as possible tomorrow to fill the gaps.

Time's ticking by and trying to get 101 things done at the mo, so will say 'bye for now.

Monday, 5 March 2007

No time for crafting today

The only thing that I did today that was remotely crafty was to tidy up a bit from the chaos that I created finishing off Helen's circle journal. I've got quite a few ideas buzzing in my head and will try tomorrow to fit in some time to do something about them.

I've joined up to do another cj on CBC - this time I've chosen the theme "What a day!". I've also signed up to take part in the chain card swap, which is a crafty version of 'Chinese whispers'!

I also need to finish some Inchies for a swap and also some ATCs.

So, with preparing for my sale on Saturday, and with all these other challenges to see to, I think I'm going to be busy (especially as there is more to life than crafting - other things that take a higher priority).

When I come back next time I'm hoping to be able to say that I've achieved some of the above.

Happy crafting, everyone!

Sunday, 4 March 2007

CJ finished

First of all - thank you for all the comments, girls.

Well, I've finished Helen's cj - and I'm really pleased with the result (can't show scans because I've got to wait for the 'big reveal' - and in any case, I haven't worked out yet how to add them here - that must be something I learn this week).

I'm really not a scrapbooker (have only dabbled from time to time), but I've found that doing these cjs has provided an opportunity to try out different things to achieve various layouts (and they are not too scary, because they're not too big).

I managed to do some more cards yesterday, so that's good. I'll have to pace myself through the coming week in order to have enough for Saturday. We've got quite a lot happening this week - John at King's tomorrow, Guy's on Wednesday and a few other appointments (like getting my hair cut - my fringe is well into my eyes).

Still not feeling 100% after the pneumonia, but certainly a lot better.

This blogging is a learning curve - when I came on here tonight I was told there were comments and I had to choose whether or not I allowed them to be published - is this what others do, or do you have it set to publish when people make the comment iykwim?

Night, night, everyone.

Friday, 2 March 2007

Trying to get back into the swing of crafting

Today I did my ATCs for CBC swap and got them in the post (have to confess to being late, but wasn't able to do so much crafting in the past weeks because of the pneumonia).

Anyway, the ATC subject was emotions, so I did one depicting 'happiness' and the other was 'anger'. I wasn't able to scan them because my main laptop wouldn't boot last weekend and I had to do a restore. I had to put the software back for my printer/scanner, but I obviously didn't do it properly because when I went to use the scanner it wasn't playing fairly - must sort it out (among loads of other things).

I need to get on with the dlo on Helen's CJ on Memories for the CJ group I'm in on CBC. I've really enjoyed being part of this and am so looking forward to getting my own journal back to see what others have done - not long to wait now. And I'm already looking forward to being part of a new group - I need to decide on my topic (still thinking about it).

I've decided that I should be well enough to have my card sale on Saturday 10 March and so I sent out invitations today. The proceeds will be in aid of TEAR Fund.

I've begun crafting again in the last few days and made some Mother's Day and Easter cards, but need to replenish stocks of other cards. I had some lovely die cuts received in a swap this morning which will be great for making some more Mother's Day cards - although I don't want to make too many in case they don't sell.

Think I'd better get off here and sort out my craft stuff which is piled on the table and perhaps make a few more cards this evening.

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Here goes

For a long time now I've been meaning to join the world of blogging, but hadn't yet got round to doing anything about it.

I'm quite likely to be the world's worst blogger, but, hey ho, here goes.

This blog will reflect the crafty side of my life. I love making greetings cards - don't really know how I get the time with everything else going on in life, but it does help me to relax and let my creativity run riot (well, sometimes, anyway).

I hope I'll be back soon with something a bit more interesting to say.

About me

I have always loved crafting, but over the past few years have done more and more cardmaking and more recently have got into scrapbooking. I'm married to John and I am a senior citizen.