Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Just squeezing in a little crafting time ...

I've got 101 other things to do during the rest of the day (well, not quite 101, but it just feels like that!), but have just managed to squeeze a bit of time to finish my inchies. The background was done with a quite watery H2O blend. Most of the inchies have been stamped in some way and either Versamarked and embossed with clear or hologram powder.

I've really enjoyed doing these (more so today, because I could see the finished result emerging), but I'm not really sure that working with such a miniature size is my thing.

Not marvellous, but my first attempt. Now I must get back to some of the other 101 things ...

A thought: I'm wondering in future whether it would be better to photo items like this rather than scanning - the hologram effect is lost in the scan (but don't know whether it would be any better with a photo)