Saturday, 4 August 2007

What a glorious day today

The weather today has been just right - quite a breeze, but lovely and hot and sunny (in fact, without the breeze it would have been too hot). So far this year we've hardly sat in the garden much and certainly haven't used the summerhouse.

So I spent some time lounging in the sun (very good for the bones with osteoporosis - with plenty of sun protection cream because I'm naturally fair skinned). And every now and again I had a little crafting session in the summerhouse. Well, if I'm honest, you could hardly call it crafting, as I was putting together some cards, gift cards etc that came with a Lisa Bearnson box of goodies. I'm still hoping to have a sale of cards for TEAR Fund in September and I know that this year I can't sit at the cardmaking as much as I used to, so, in order to get a number done I resorted to using the Lisa Bearnson box.

So there's no cards to show because I didn't really create them, just put them together. But I thought I'd show a few pictures of the garden and where I was crafting:

This is the view from tthe patio, just outside he door of my craft room, looking up the garden, with the summerhouse in the distance:

And this is my little summerhouse:

Our garden is mainly planted with shrubs, but we have some lovely rose bushes blooming atm:

One day soon I'll show some pictures of my craft room (wouldn't want to do it now because it's not tidy enough) - although it was done a few weeks ago, I'm still moving things around, finding places, sorting etc Acquired a 12 x 12 stack of trays the other day, so at least my papers are sorted.

Mum's visit on Thursday

I should have included this in my last post, but somehow it got crowded out. Mum came over Thursday afternoon and while she was here I altered a notebook for her. She is going to write some of her memories, family history, that sort of stuff. Although she likes seeing what I've made, she doesn't have much 'craftiness' herself, but she enjoyed seeing me put together the covr for her notebook. I used K & Co Brookfield papers and bits and bobs. I also showed her my robo and actually managed to cut a rocking horse (got the template from UKS - looked very impressive).