Thursday, 6 September 2007

I know this is a crafting blog, but ...

Today has been one of those days. A couple of weeks ago (or more) I ordered some bedding from M & S online (because neither John or I can carry much and shopping is a hassle). Anyway, we were eventually told that a part of the order had been despatched and given a tracing number - about five days later when I looked it said it had been delivered - gave the time and date - we were in at the time and there had been no sign of the parcel. Email about it was ignored, so rang this morning - one of those calls that took ages and ended with cancellation - won't go into details, but not satisfactory - apparently we are going to receive some vouchers to compensate, but as it was a fairly sizeable order and there was 20% discount at the time (which no longer applies if we go locally to buy the items) we doubt we'll be covered for the 'loss'. Oh well, worse things happpen ...

When we had our spare room fitted out recently we didn't include a keyboard shelf (I have a main laptop) but I've found that the worktop height is just right for crafting, but just that bit too high for using the laptop. So someone came a week or two ago to measure up and this morning someone came to fit the keyboard shelf. Hey ho, the measurements were wrong and the shelf wasn't wide enough - so another one's got to be made ...

We had to go into Bromley this afternoon - necessary trip to the bank etc - and decided to buy a wireless keyboard ready for when I get my keyboard shelf. Got the keyboard and mouse set, but it didn't say it was Vista compatible. Plugged in, loaded software etc - the mouse worked but not the keyboard. It wouldn't fully accept the keyboard software, so I looked up on the internet for a Vista driver and in the end paid to join Drive Magic in an attempt to get it sorted. Having done all the necessary (having had trouble with getting the registration to accept the code I'd be given because I'd taken an I for a 1) I restarted etc ... and found that the keyboard still wouldn't work. Tried a few other things and concluded I'd have to take it back and choose another one. Then I decided to check the batteries that had come with it, thinking perhaps they were dud ... and found that I'd put one of them in the wrong way!!!!!

I suppose it's not surprising that I feel frazzled - partly because my back is painful and the stronger painkillers are making me feel quite odd (I know I am anyway!) - so no crafting today (well a bit of sticking on Christmas cards this morning, but nothing much), so nothing to show.

If you've come to look at this I'll be very surprised if you've got this far - if you have then you deserve a medal!

I'm hoping that normal service will be resumed tomorrow (although normal is never that normal nowadays).

And when the keyboard shelf has been fitted I'll have a tidy up and show some pictures of my new room which is a great place for crafting.

HS:MS feast

A large meal or a plentiful supply, show us 'feast' in your space today.

The delivery of Joseys food today came just at the right time. ' ... a plentiful supply' is right! It will keep her going for some time. It's not a very good photo because I couldn't expect her to pose for long!