Saturday, 11 August 2007

Yay!!! I managed it

I managed to create welded words in Inkscape and put into robomaster to then cut. Have finished my LO for the next Salt challenge - please come back on Thursday to see what the challenge is and hopefully join in.

Oh dear - pride comes before a fall!!

I've successfully created some welded words in robomaster (seems just as effective to use this as to use inkscape and import). I ran the cardstock through my Xyron first so that there was adhesive on the back to save fiddling once the words were cut.

Unfortunately, I can't show the results here because the welded words are for the next Salt challenge that won't be revealed until Thursday.

I am really pleased with what I've done, considering this is the first time I've tried creating and cutting welded words (except for a play with inkscape before I actually got the robo). The only thing I'd cut before was a frame and a rocking horse, both of which were templates I found on UKS.

I wish I could show you, but I can't!! Perhaps later I'll do something that I can show.

Having written the above I started to take my letters off the backing - only to find that they hadn't welded but were separate - obviously I need to go back to inkscape! Oh well, it's a learning curve!

HS:MS Down

To fall to the ground. What moves down in your space?

Josey, John's guide dog, lies down for a rest after a play in the garden.