Monday, 13 August 2007

Crafty Recycling CJ

This is my first CJ for the Paper 'n' Lace forum. I'm not that happy with it, but as it needs to go in the post today I have to say goodbye to it as it is.

Unfortunately, the bright early morning sun has now faded and it's quite cloudy, so the photos aren't that good (not that mine are ever very brilliant!).

Front cover:




Sign in:

Back cover:

Completed CJ:

HS:MS Drive

To operate a vehicle. Show us drive in your space today.

As neither of us drive, we don't have a vehicle - our most frequently used vehicle is a bus. We live in a maisonette on the main road, set back by a grassy area and our own garden. I decided to aim my camera from the bedroom window (twitched the nets a bit!) and here's the result:

A bus was just leaving the stop:

And then another arrived:

Not very good photos, because I was looking into the sun, but didn't want to wait till later.