Saturday, 28 July 2007

A couple more cards

Doing the JB challenges is a good way of building up a stock of cards (hoping I'll be able to have an 'at home sale' in September to raise money for TEAR Fund - will depend on how I am and how prepared I can be).

Back to today: this card is for the chocachino challenge (apparently a drink available at Thornton's - I wouldn't know about such wicked things!) using the colours:
And the next one was a cardlift challenge. Here is the original example:

And here is mine:

The actual card is green (doesn't show too well in this light, as is the Birthday greeting) - don't often use green much for cardmaking (don't know why not), so it makes a change.


  1. Just been having a quick catch up with your blog Hazel - you've been really busy! There are some lovely things here, I particularly like your colour match and 'less is more' Just Bex cards - great stuff!

  2. both cards are great hun, good luck with the fundraising!


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