Friday, 7 September 2007

HS:MS talk - another take

This is John (husband) talking to his computer. Because he's visually impaired he has to use Dragon software to communicate with his computer. He doesn't go much on it but manages to do minutes of his bowls club meeting and things like that (which I used to have to do for him before he got the speech-input software). He has taken to computing far better than either of us really expected.


  1. Just goes to show that this computer/internet age isn't only for the youngsters. Us oldies can have fun with it too!

  2. So cool that technology is for everyone. I like all your photos from the past few days. Josey is beautiful and seems to know that is for her. And your hold photo is perfect.

  3. This is fab :)

    I used to work for a very intelligent and charismatic man who had no vision at all and he somehow managed a keyboard!

    His wife had some vision, decided on an op to improve it but it had the opposite effect :( Such a shame.

    Isn't technology wonderful opening up all sorts of possbilities for everyone?


  4. Well done both of you for embracing rather than being afraid of technology! A great photo of a man engrossed!

  5. Great take on the prompt, well done. X


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