Monday, 7 April 2008

HS:MS moss

Once upon a time I used to do the photo every day for HS:MS and then I got out of the habit. Yesterday I showed my snowy pictures and put a message on HS:MS.

So today I'm showing some photos for the prompt 'moss' - 'A low growing, spore producing plant with no roots that grows in damp conditions. Find some moss in your space today.'

And to think that only yesterday all of this was covered in thick snow!


  1. Welcome Back Hazel :-) Lovely to see you again :-)

    You have some great moss shots . . . I bet your neighbours have wondered why you haven't been out and about photographing strange items recently :-)

    Sue :-)

  2. Really glad I dropped by your blog Hazel. As i am on holiday this week, I think I will try and do my HS:MS too. And, I already have a 'moss' photo I took at the weekend, so I'm off to post it on my blog.

  3. Great shots Hazel, love all your moss! Glad to see you back. Thanks for the kind comments on my photo.

  4. Great shots! I like the 3rd one down from the top the best!

  5. lovely photos Hazel! (although we have so much moss it might have been a good idea for you to come here and take them! ;))

  6. Great moss shots Hazel but more important it's good to see you back.
    Love Di


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