Sunday 13 July 2008

DCM: peel offs

Lythan set the dare on DCM this week: 'Cards with a certain a-Peel (off)'.

I admit that I used to have loads of peel offs - bought once upon a time in the distant past, thinking I would create wonderful cards with them - and most of them stayed at the back of the cupboard until I sold them.

I had one or two that I'd saved for a possible rainy day, so I dug out a sheet of white fashion peel offs.

I stuck the dress on a sheet of white and grey paper fromm a kanban pad that I purchased to go with a kit of concept cards - I've been making these ready for my TEAR Fund sale in September - and stuck the dress on one of the cut off cards (this is silver foil edged, which doesn't show well in the photo) and then fixed a matching Happy Birthday tag with a handbag brad.

I've mounted the other dress from the peel off sheet on to a different coloured piece of paper and will do something with it later.

Meanwhile, I've been putting together the cards from the concept kit - this had 48 cards in it, but with a bit of cutting and changing and adding other bits I'm managing to make 100 cards with it - might show some in a slideshow later.


  1. Those white peel offs are so effective, more subtle than the gold and silver ones.

  2. Ahhh thats lovely Hazel X

  3. I really like that Hazel - I must have a go myself.

  4. You've managed some very stylish peeloff cards! I like this birthday one best and it would make a great wedding dress, too!

  5. Hello, I'm in desperate need of the those white dress peel offs, do you know where I can get them from??? Thanks!!!!!

  6. Sorry, can't tell you where to buy them - I've had these ages

  7. I must say I like the white peel offs as well. Lovely cards


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