Saturday 26 July 2008


On Wednesday we had a rare day out - we got a train down to Sheerness. I thought I'd show a photo of John and one he took of me (bless him, he couldn't see what he was doing, so just pointed the camera in the right direction). It was a beautiful day - the weather was gorgeous, although it was a breezy spot where we took the photos, hence my hair sticking up!

That day out is now set to be rarer than we imagined at the time, because John fell over the next day and has damaged his hip area - fortunately, no fracture. We spent hours at A & E. He can only manage to walk a few steps with the aid of a zimmer - poor old man! Perhaps I'll sneak a picture of him later and add here!

I had hoped to do a HS:MS catch up for the prompts that I've missed - did take a few possibles, but I just haven't had tme or inclination to do anything about them.


  1. What gorgeous photos Hazel, the weather looks lovely and you both looks so happy!

    Sorry to read of John fall, hope he is not suffering too badly (hugs)

  2. 2 lovely photos - hate to say it but John takes better pics than me

    Hope he heals quickly xxx

  3. So sorry to read John had a tumble, prayers said for you both. You look such a lovely couple! X

  4. It liiks like you were having a great dat out Hazle and the photos are beautiful, even if your hair is standing on end Lol!

    Sorry to here about John's fall though. Hope he's back on his feet soon and your both able to out and about again soon.
    x x

  5. Glad you had a lovely day out, sorry to hear about John's fall - hope he's on the mend

  6. I love to see pics of people and places, these are great - do have a questions - what are the obstacles on the beach that continue out to the water?
    Prayers for John!


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