Saturday 23 August 2008

Bumbleberries CJ

Angie's is the last CJ within the group on Bumbleberries. She chose for her theme: 'My best creation'. I thought and thought about this and came to the conclusion that something that I did when I was 7 was worthy of this.

I used Scrapbook walls papers 'small vest stripe' and 'knicker stripe' and also Gin-X find your identity 'some kind of green:dotted dipsticks':


  1. Lovey DLO Hazel. I can't believe that you embroidered that when you were 7...its amazing X

  2. Fabulous - I trust those are recent piccies and you still have the cloth? What a lovely thing to choose for the CJ!

  3. Yes, Joanne, I still have the cloth - the picture was taken for the CJ.

  4. These are lovely Hazel. Funny thing, my mum used to give me embroidery to do when I was off school sick, I did a few of those dressing table sets, but I don't have any of them now.


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