Tuesday 26 August 2008

Here we are in Eastbourne

We arrived here yesterday. These are views taken last evening from the balcony of our room:

We've been hoping for some sunshine today, but it seems to be hidden well behind the clouds - hopefully it will show itself tomorrow!


  1. Well Hazel, if there was a score for a sea view, your's would definately score 10/10. That's what you would call a sea view. Really does look lovely. Hope you are both enjoying a break.
    lis xx

  2. please please please tell me you WILL get a pic of a mutual friend and her fabulous Mum I am sure she will know when she is near gotta be quick though I hear she is FAST lol

    enjoy xxx

  3. What an amazing view from your balcony!!!!! Have a lovely time together and I hope that the weather is kind to you this time X


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