Wednesday 27 August 2008

HS:MS E for echo

We've been out today in Eastbourne, so I didn't know what the letter on HS:MS was for today till I just got back and on to the internet. It so happened that I took a number of photos earlier, including this one, that contains an 'E':

Admittedly, I had to flip the photo to get the 'E' shape from the rails.

Just in case you are in any doubt, this is the bit that shows the 'E':

Apologies for all fellow HS:MSers that I won't be looking at your wonderful photos, because I'm limiting my internet time while here.


  1. I love that photo of the deck chairs Hazel. Hope the sun comes out for you tomorrow - all together now "the sun will come out tomorrow..."

  2. Great E - good idea to flip the picture. Love your deckchair shot too. Hope the weather improves for you x

  3. Some great shots and I hope you have a really really nice holiday. x

  4. Another lover of the deck chair shot, its brill, also a lovely 'e' shot


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