Thursday 28 August 2008

HS:MS I for Indigo

On HS:MS today: 'So, will you choose a little 'i' or go for the easy option and do a capital 'I'. I went for a little one, see? Which 'I' will you find in your space?'

I decided that John's cane looked like an upside-down 'i' - and it also acts as his 'eye'. So here he is with it:

and here is a section of the photo upside-down to show the 'i':

But I thought I ought to show a proper, more serious 'i', so I spotted the flagpole on top of a hotel when we were on the pier looking back:

and here is a closer look:


  1. Well-spotted i's.

  2. Now that's a really clever take Hazel :-) And a super photo of John too :-)

    Here's hoping that you are having a great break, lots of fresh air and some warmth from the sun too :-)Well, someone somewhere must be getting the sun because it's not been here for weeks :-D


  3. Love all your 'i' shots

  4. Very clever to use Johns cane!


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