Monday 18 August 2008

HS:MS S for sugar

SuzyB is standing in for Kirsty and Anita for a few days and today has said: 'We’ll start with an easy one, let’s go find ‘S’ shall we?'

I found some 's's in our kitchen:

Firstly, turned into black and white:


  1. I have some of those but it never occurred to me to use them....well spotted :)

  2. Hello :-) Long time no see :-) How are you :-)

    Fabulous shopt for today's prompt Hazel :-)

    Lovely to see you again . . . Sue :-)

  3. Like Sue says nice to see you again. I have those hook thingys in my work room with scissors, wires and beads boxes hanginf from them. x


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