Thursday 14 August 2008

Salt: obedience

It's Salt challenge day again today - how those last two weeks have flown by.

This time, it was Kim's turn to choose the theme and this is what she said:

"Psalm 119:60, “I made haste and did not delay to keep Your commandments.”

Greetings! We continue to be blessed by your participation in our challenges and all of the lovely comments we receive on the SALT blog. We pray that, like us, you will be inspired to create a piece based on our challenges and encouraged to further study the topics discussed.

This week I (being Kim) chose the topic of OBEDIENCE.

We use a phrase with our children, adopted from some close friends; obey right away. Delayed obedience is really disobedience. Thinking that you can obey God’s commands later, maybe when life’s circumstances are different, is dangerous thinking. For this attitude would prove that we have no serious intention of obeying at all. As the saying goes, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

In our text we see that the psalmist “did not delay” to keep God’s commandments. His prompt response shows his love for God, faith in His Word, and wisdom in the application of Scripture to real life. He was not relying on his own feelings, conscience, or advice of family and friends to decide if he was living a life that was pleasing to God.

How was the psalmist able to keep God’s commandments? Is it possible for anyone to perfectly keep God’s law? Not a chance! But this is the good news of the gospel! The more we see how sinful we are, the more we will know our need for God’s grace in Christ, who is the only One who kept the whole law of God.

May we “make haste” to obey God’s commandments, putting away all excuses, repenting of our disobedience, and committing ourselves to a right relationship, gained only through trust in Christ, with our Creator!"

I found this very challenging.

I was drawn to Mark 14 which includes the account of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane and also to Philippians 2. Jesus' obedience stemmed out of unconditional love - for the Father and also for us.

In John 15 Jesus said that if we love him then we will keep his commandments.

Obedience and love go hand in hand.

The background paper for my LO is Be Blessed Glory and the stained glass window depicting Jesus praying in the garden was taken from one of those free photos sites (and I'm sorry I can't say where it is).

This is a very simple LO, but such profound and challenging truths within it:


  1. This is a wonderful and thoughtful layout Hazel

  2. This is beautiful Hazel. Abba Father is one of my favourite hymns and it reminded me of how lovely it is.

  3. Beautiful Hazel, I love the way you've used the squares on the BG paper to lay out the words and the muted colours are very restful - great stuff!

  4. this has been put together beautifully Hazel. I love the muted colours of the backing paper.
    Sue x

  5. A thoughtful layout, lovely Hazel x


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