Tuesday 16 September 2008

HS:MS float

'To be suspended freely in a liquid or gas. Find something floating in your space today.'

Apologies to SuzyB, who featured a great shot of a teabag for the recent 'bag lady' prompt; I was beginning to wonder what to do for today's prompt when I went to the kitchen to make a(nother) cup of tea and thought I'd use this:

Before that shot, I took a ridiculously close one which I wasn't going to include, but which I quite like:


  1. Warm, pretty float!

  2. Good shot - I chose a drink too but mine was coffee.

  3. Hope today finds you feeling better :-)

    And I feel quite sure that SuzyB will be delighted that she inspired you :-)

    I love my cuppa and don't drink coffee. Strangely I still leave about an inch of it in the bottom of my mug though . . . that's going back to the days of tea leaves :-)

    Great take on todays prompt Hazel :-)

    Sue :-)

  4. No apologies needed, its a great shot :o) x

  5. ha ha you make me laugh Hazel! You remind me of me trying to get the possible out of the impossible i.e. close up pictures with my camera! glad you managed to get a good shot in the end :)

  6. great shot, playing with pictures part of the fun of photography keep doing it : )


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