Tuesday 2 September 2008

Wind and rain

The wind was howling overnight and the rain lashing. The wind seems to have died down now, but it's still raining - hence I'm online for a while, while John is listening to his story tape.

Yesterday was a mixture - we had a quick shower just when we had finished a coffee at a lovely cafe at Sovereign harbour - everyone had to quickly leave the tables and get under shelter. However, a lot of the time yesterday we did actually see the sun, but it was windy.

I took this picture at Sovereign harbour:

And thought this caption was apt (although you can't see here what it says: 'Oh dear, I'm late for the board meeting':

And this is the view from the balcony this morning!

Thank you to everyone who's left comments - very kind of you - I know that holiday photos can be boring. As for the camera, it's just a small olympus one - it has a good zoom - and, of course, photo editing on computer can help, particularly with cropping.


  1. Oh no look at that rain!!!! What a shame XXX

  2. I know you're home now Hazel but I hope that you and John had a nice relaxing break.
    It's a shame that the weather wasn't kinder to you both though.


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