Friday 17 October 2008

Ellie has arrived!!

Yay!! I put in the highest bid for Ellie in the Think Pink auction and she's just arrived!!

Royal Mail took good care of her, but you can see that she was glad to get out of that packaging and find a resting place in the kitchen:

Tomorrow is the big Bubblyfunk Think Pink sale - details here - if you live near enough, please go along and support it.

Now that Ellie's got her breath back she's found her way to a handy shelf where she can perch and watch everything that goes on in my craft room (although, of course, she will be taken down for hugs).

Following on the comment from Kaz, I should explain that the room is only this tidy because it's cleaning day today. In fact, having made one card, it is now a lot more 'lived in' again!


  1. aaawww Hazel, I'm glad she got there safely and that she's making herself at home. She's not used to seeing things as tidy as your craft room!!

  2. Isn't she lovely! Enjoy the snuggles!

  3. bless her :) she looks at home already,must've been johns tea that helped :)

  4. Nice to see her settling in so quickly, hope she enjoyed her cuppa!

  5. Doesn't she look at home! Enjoy the cuddles Hazel. X

  6. Well done on your winning bid.
    Don't let her lead you astray Hazel, i've seen her looking at that Pub quiz book beside her on the shelf!
    Sue x

  7. So Monkee madness had hit your home Hazel. I'm surprised Ellie was only wanting a cup of tea...I'm not quite sure what Kaz has her monkees on, but they are generally very naughty! She looks fab on your shelf and very PINK!

  8. Awe....Ellie looks fabulously happy there!!!! I am so glad that you won her Hazel X


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