Sunday 5 October 2008

I don't believe it! updated!!!

I've just noticed that on the card shown here I mounted the cuttlebug embossing on the wrong side, so it's the 'debossed' instead of 'embossed'. Ah well, it will have to stay like it now.

I put this message because I looked at the picture more closely and it looked like the 'debossed' side of the piece of card, but now that I've just looked at the card irl, it is correctly embossed - it's strange that it looks the other way round on the scan!


  1. I've noticed on some of the CB embossing folders if you use it with the CB logo facing you the print is debossed instead of embossed so it may not be your fault. My textile screen folder is like that. I don't know if it's a manufacturer's error or deliberate.

  2. Just came over to have a peek at your WCMD cards!! lovely cards here, fab xxx

  3. fabby cards hazel ! the embossed ones are particually striking !


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