Thursday 2 October 2008

We three kings

I bought this gold foiled background the other day and thought it would go nicely on some of the dark green cards I have. I stamped the 3 kings and heat embossed with gold detail. I'm tempted to put a greeting at the top left, but I'm not sure that it needs it. There will be an insert inside with 'Season's Greetings'. I've made 20 of these, so that they can be put into packs of 5:

Replaced the photo with a slightly better one.


  1. thats lovely hazel :) i can imagine it in gold :)

  2. It's lovely Hazel - I wouldn't add anything to it. Stylish and clean is good

  3. Think I'd be tempted to leave them as well. They do look very classy as they are.

  4. I think it might look a bit cluttered with anything else Hazel, it's lovely as it is.
    Sue x

  5. I think these are lovely Hazel. That little stamp is really sweet.


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