Wednesday 12 November 2008

Baby cards

This evening I've made a batch of ten baby cards, using various papers and bits (picture will enlarge with a click):

Now, sadly, I need to go to the other extreme and make some sympathy cards because I've got none in stock.


  1. Lovely cards Hazel. Well done, another tick to your long list.
    They are all so cute. I love the polka dot girlie card at the front and the blue boy card, just wondering if you did the knitting. :)
    Good Luck with the next batch. Not an easy subject.

  2. Cute designs, love the little knitted cardis! Hope you're feeling you have the stock more under control now, it certainly looks like it! Best of luck with the sale.

  3. Those are so cute! love the elephants

  4. Lovely cards Hazel!


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