Sunday, 9 November 2008

CBC weekend challenge 12

'This challenge is to make something from a item you have put in that bottom drawer. You know the one where you got a gift etc and thought the packaging might be really handy for something one day. Well this is the day.'

This was originally a tin that came free with some expert products from Boots (I got a couple of them a while back, so I've shown one altered before, but I can assure you this one has just been done - completely different colour scheme to the other one):

I used alcohol inks on the metal lid - a mixture of red pepper and butterscotch. The blooms were from Wilkinsons (there were so many of them - bought them ages ago - I've used loads of them on different projects) and the yellow one in the middle is from ELC (pity they don't seem to do them anymore and I've nearly exhausted my stock).

The yellow gingham is a sticky ribbon and the coppery coloured one around the edge of the tin is one I've had for ages (wondering what to do with it) - had a job to get it stuck down, but won in the end.

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