Friday 14 November 2008

Time and energy have run out

Isnt it typical?! Tried to use my robo this morning and I got an error message saying the robo controller wasn't ready (everything seemed to be normal) - all I can think is that a windows update has interfered with the setting or something - I even tried a system restore and then gave up. In any case, there's only so much time in the day and I wouldn't have been able to get any more done than I have today, especially as I'm not feeling too great - my back is really playing up today.

Anyway, here are a few cards I made this morning:

and one of the notebooks:

Everything is now labelled, bagged and ready to be picked up at about 6.30 this evening - going to the church to set everything up ready for tomorrow.

What I haven't done now won't get done (and I wonder if someone will ask for something that I haven't got?!)


  1. What you dont have people wont know about! I used to hold back some of my favourite cards that Ididnt want to see go just yet! You have done a stirling job, hope all goes well with the sale :)

  2. lovely notebook Hazel. will be thinking off you.
    fingers crossed you come home with an empty car.

  3. Love the card and the note book is beautiful. Good luck with the sale I hope everything goes x

  4. Best of luck with the sale - i'm sure your notebooks will all go.

  5. Only just spotted these gorgeous cards & oooh I just love the scrabble letters.


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