Friday, 16 January 2009

Saturday's Workout 37: soot stamping

The Saturday workout challenge this week was to use the 'soot technique' which is explained on Splitcoasters.

I decided I'd try anything once, so had a go at this. I used glossy pink card and managed to 'soot' it without burning through - I found that it was useful to crouch down to see what's happening with the sooting (it's a different story getting up again!).

I stamped into the sooting with a DB flower stamp and added 'best wishes' and 'Happy Birthday' - I'm sorry that you can't read these because they are sparkly black with silver writing and just wouldn't scan properly.

It's not brilliant, but it's the first time I've done this and I think I'll try it again some time.

If you haven't had a go at this, I reommend that it's good fun!


  1. Looks very clever Hazel. Well done on getting back up too. xx

  2. brilliant - worked really well Hazel

    x Hilda

  3. brilliant - worked really well Hazel

    x Hilda

  4. Hi Hazel, again!
    Just popping by to say I've something waiting for you on my blog. :o)
    Gez. xx

  5. Wow Hazel this is brilliant.
    Unbelievable card.

    Thanks Hazel for playing this great technique in the last week on SaWo.

  6. that worked well Hazel, that stamp is excellent for it, love the effect that you get a sort of halo round the flowers

  7. Well done, this looks great! Funnily enough I had my first go at soot stamping this week - the stamping looked great but I just couldn't get the darned stuff to seal!


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