Friday 27 February 2009

What a pain

Why do they do it?

During the night someone from the US has left spamming comments - over 50 of them - on some of my older posts.

I've now enabled comment moderation, which is a nuisance, but unavoidable.

When I can find them all, I'll delete the comments.

I have sitemeter installed, so I can trace the IP addresses used.

I've got enough pain in the back without this pain!!


  1. Oh Hazel! How awful for you!!! I got spammed a while back but it was while I had moderation on so I managed to block them getting through! It really annoys me, these weird people!

    Hope you get it sorted.


  2. I really cannot understand why these people bother to use their time up doing this! It must have taken you ages to delete them all Hazel, no wonder your back is worse. You take care XXX

  3. SO frustrating Hazel! I've had some recently, fortunately i had set my blog to moderate comments on postings over 7 days old, I did this just to keep tabs on anyone that might make a comment on an older post but found it useful when I got spammed. I don't mind not moderating newer posts as I tend to check my comments anyway.

  4. These people must have really sad lives when all they can do is spend their time spamming people. I'm sorry you have had to deal with them x

  5. Oh awful for you. What a nusiance. Hopefully you've got it all sorted now.

    Thinking of you.
    Gez. XXX


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